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Hi I am Mike Wilson (A.K.A.  Wylie Crappieman on the texas fishing forums )I have lived in Wylie since 1997. I have been fishing Lavon since 1995.I fish from a 19’ Charger Bass boat with a 175 HP Yamaha or we can float tube.  Using a Fishcat 4 from Outcast that is heavy duty and durable as well as faster than most float tubes. I can teach you how to use a tube to become a better fisherman and get you to fish that are not reachable from the bank.

Summer we will fish deeper structure so that you can learn how to find them and what to do when you get there.
In the winter I fish creeks a lot and can teach you how to find and catch crappie year round as opposed to just in the spring “crappie season”. I use Jigs most of the time, but will use live bait if the situation calls for it.

Tubing with me is as much an adventure as it is just a fishing trip. When you leave the water with a mess of fish, you will feel like you have really done something and that your fishing horizons have just been broadened further than you ever imagined.  It is NOT your typical fishing trip.
In the Boat we can see more of the lake and fish more area.


Check out Fishing Reports under the username "wyliecrappieman" at: Texas Fishing Forum & Lake Lavon Forum or my Facebook page